What is Google My business?

Google My Business Front Page

Google My Business account allows potential customers to search for a specific business of their choosing and view details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, special offers and images produced by the business. The owners of these businesses require a verification in order to gain access to manage a profile in the form of a text, a postcard or phone call, meaning that it is also a very secure method of creating an online business presence.

Google my Business is the culmination of Google other projects such as Google Places for Business, Google Listings and Google+ Business pages. By combining these tools into one singular application, it is made easier for businesses to display their features such as service, location and reviews in one place.

Google My Business Listing

Our Google My Business Snippet from a Google Search.

With this information from the Google my Business profile, Google creates a special page that can automatically update as the user makes changes to their business profile. With this, customers can get in touch with the organisation by calling and messaging.

Google my Business accounts are free of charge for every user and is used worldwide by both businesses and customers alike due to the use of features like Google search and Google maps, meaning that it can be a very valuable asset to any business owner.

If you haven’t set up your Google My Business page already, you should. You can view our Google My Business Page right here.

Tom Jachec

Tom Jachec


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