Refocus and Redesign

Website Redesign and Business Refocus

Sometimes, when businesses first started up, their focus wasn't on their website, or their web presence. Perhaps your website was built a long time ago and things have moved on. Perhaps your business has moved on and your website doesn't reflect that.

Whatever the situation may be, we can work to build your business web presence that reflects where you are today.

Let us take the time to understand your business using our MBA backed approach to business consultancy, and deliver a web presence that is up to date, speaks to your target customer and converts.

How do I rebuild my website?

Rebuild your website from the outcome first

Whilst this may sound counterintuitive, it really isn't. We start with what you are trying to achieve. This will set the entire tone and foundation of elements such as functionality, form and structure of your wesbite.

Rebuild your website with your target customer in mind

This means understanding who the customer is, what services you want to deliver to them, what keywords they are searching for, and building a website that speaks to them directly.

Rebuild your wesbite with future proofing in mind

When rebuilding a website, we use WordPress to ensure that your CMS (the content management system) has future support. Around 30% of the web is built on WordPress, it's open source and means you can keep updated as things move forward.

A website rebuild will generally take anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks, this really does depend on the current website, how big it is and what it is trying to achieve alongisde what you want for your new website.

Some WordPress website rebuilds just need a few pages redesigned. Others may be different enough to warrant building the new website from scratch as a fresh, custom WordPress theme.

At The Business Accelerators we start rebuilding a WordPress website by understanding your business and who your customers are. We take that knowledge and apply it to what keywords you need to target, and ultimately to the redesign and rebuild of your website.

This depends on what you want your new website to achieve. Startup website design and build can be as low as £250 from some companies, but that will not usually include any target customer consultancy, or a very structured site with keyword considerations. For a website built to inlcude these elements, the starting price point is around £999 and up.