Helping Startups Stand Up

Startup Website Design

We are extrmely passionate about helping small businesses get their web presence right. Many people think that a web presence is simply a website. Job done.

At the business accelerators, we take a different approach, building a web presence that converts.

When we work with a new client, we use our MBA backed business consultancy approach to understand who your target customers are.

We build a website designed to attract your target customers, and wrap around this a web presence such as Google My Business and other platforms, to give you a holistic approach to being seen, and converting online.

At £999, what's in the box?

Startup Business Consultancy

We take time to understand your business, what it looks and feels like to your target customers . How you communicate to them, and how you are different. We agree the approach for the website, including who you are targetting and the key words they are searching for.

At the end of stage one, we sign off on the overall structure of the site, and the target customers you want to attract.

Startup Website Design

Taking the business consultancy element. The look and feel of your site, as well as the tone of your brand, we build the website that reflects your business in the right way.

An initial concept is sent over for approval, then building begins. The content and approach is all agreed so you know what you will be delivered.

Startup Success

We feel this approach allows your startup business the best chance of success. We have defined the market, defined the brand and its tone, highlighted the customer segments and built a website to convert.

We will give you a full handover of the website and how to maintain it, or discuss how we will support.

Remember, you aren't alone, your consultant is always on hand to chat through your business in the future.