How Can Google My Business Reviews Help Your Business?

Google My Business Reviews

Getting reviews on Google should be an absolute priority for any new business, or even an existing business. If you didn’t already know. Google ranks websites on three key pillars; authority, relevance and trust. This is where Google my Business can really help a start-up business. Remembering the fact that Google My Business requires authentication, and the fact that it supports relevance due to its appearance in local map pack searches. A good Google my Business landing page, with lots of great reviews (the bit that is all about trust), is going to serve you well.

How do I get reviews on Google My Business?

Whilst Google will never tell you the secret to it’s algorithm. Something that is always changing. They do heavily hint at some elements. With Google my Business, they have even been explicit in supporting how to get reviews. This is fair, as it isn’t a secret sauce and really, is all user generated. Still, it’s worth paraphrasing what they’ve said.

  1. Verify your account. Remember that trust market element. Well you can’t get reviews if you aren’t verified. Get the postcard sent out. Enter the code. Verify.
  2. Ask. A customer will rarely just hop on to leave a review. In fact it’s far more likely they will do this to leave you a bad one. It takes a customer 3 minutes to leave a review. It takes one minute to ask for one. It will help no-end so take the time and ask.
  3. Respond. Again, Google phrase this as it creates engagement, but it also demonstrates further trust. You are buying into the Google eco-system. I am sure they love this.

Amazing, I can get my friends to leave me a review.

Don’t. Google is one of the most sophisticated algorithms and companies on the planet. They are constantly checking and reviewing details left one these reviews. Why? Because reviews inform purchasing decisions and to some part their own ranking. Remember the three pillars? Trust was one of the key elements here. I can only speculate, but I imagine Google doesn’t like it when you do something that is bending their trust in you. Not only this, but the CMA are also heavily looking into the false reviewing industry. It’s just not worth it.

James Adams

James Adams

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