Why should a start-up company use Google My Business?

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If you don’t know what Google my Business is, but think you ought to, you can view our quick rundown on What is Google my Business?

Google my business offers your potential customers ease of access to contact information. When you first start your business, one of the hardest things to do is showcase the fact that you exist. Creating a number of trust markers, such as your very own wesbite and Google My Business listing, helps customers realise you are out there. Remember, Google my Business ensures you are a company witha physical location and phone number through a number of checks. So it can take a little time to set up. As a start-up company, this is one of the first things to go do (remember, it helps with your SERP’s too!).

For companies that are just starting out, Google my Business also provides ample opportunity to showcase how different the start-up is to competitors. Google my Business helps start-ups do this action by letting business owners type a small business description which can be up to 750 characters in length. It is important to share important information and keywords to make sure that customers know the exact function of the business. If you don’t communicate what you are doing effectively to your customers. How will they want to buy from you?


Tom Jachec

Tom Jachec

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