Why is Google My Business Important for Small Businesses?

Google My Business Overview

When a small business starts up, most commonly finances are in sharp focus. Generating customers must be in the most effective yet cheapest way possible. From the 2020 COVID small business economic impact survey, 43% of American businesses that were operating on a full-time basis were estimating yearly sales of under $50,000 for the year. We know working with small businesses here in the UK, that the picture is the same. Small businesses are in constant need of generating customers through the most cost efficient means. A Google my Business account is free of charge and due to searches appearing in a local map pack, is used by a large amount of people. That makes Google my businesss an important asset to generating potential customers and ultimately revenue.

Customer interaction through Google my business

Google my Business is also important because it gives businesses a chance to interact with customers. It allows the business owner to interact with customers by responding to reviews and interacting through the customers tab. Customer interaction is integral for businesses as factors such as employee motivation, a recovery of brand image perceived by the customer as well as an improved customer satisfaction. With a well-prepared customer interaction, businesses are able to improve for the better, meaning that Google my Business accounts should be used as a tool to monitor and interact with customers to promote improvement.

Tom Jachec

Tom Jachec

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